A note about my BJCP tasting flight posts…

It has been mentioned that there might be some confusion regarding my use of the BJCP category and subcategory numbers when referencing beer styles.  If it weren’t for the fact that I’m studying to take the BJCP exam, I wouldn’t be as ridiculously specific when categorizing and reviewing beers or referencing other beer styles/types.  But, since I am, and in order to make things a little easier, I’ve put together a quick set of shortcuts for readers to reference. 

There is a link up at the top of the page next to “About.”  Or you can click here.

There’s also been a question regarding my use of numbers before the name of the beer I am reviewing.  In each case, this is the rank that the BJCP gives each commercial beer example regarding how definitive of the style the beer is.  So if you take this post as an example, Sierra Nevada is considered the #1 commercial example of an American Pale Ale (10A), Stone Pale Ale is the #2 example and Bear Republic XP is #4. 

Here’s a key to illustrate the format of these posts:

10. American Ale (the category)

Subcategory: 10A. American Pale Ale (the subcategory)

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (commercial examples ranked by how definitive of the style they are)

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