American Craft Beer Week

This week (May 16-22 if you’re too lazy to look at your calendar) is American Craft Beer Week.  There are hundreds of events happening across the country that celebrate American craft beer.  The Brewers Association, via, is hosting a calendar of events for the week, so check it out and see if there’s anything in your area.

Andy Sparhawk over at has posted Seven Days and Seven Ways to Celebrate American Craft Beer Week.  If you live somewhere that has opportunities for each of these seven ways to celebrate and have the sort of time to participate in each, I envy you.  For the rest of us 9-5ers (8-7ers?) that don’t live in Beervana, I think three of these ways stand out as something we can all achieve:

1. Support Your Local Brewery

This one’s easy.  Buy a 6 pack made by your favorite local brewery (as long as the nearest brewery doesn’t sell beer with mountains that turn blue, etc.).  Local is a relative term.  If you’re hundreds of miles from the nearest craft brewery, I say buy something from them.  I bought a sixer from Rahr this week (mmm…helles).

2. Look for New, Special, and Collaborative Beer Releases

I tend to seek out new beers whenever I’m at the store.  Even if you can’t find any limited release or collab beers, at least try something you’ve never had.  (I guess I need to go back to the store for more beer…)

7. Share Craft Beer

When I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.  But craft beer is always better with friends.  Get the guys together and have everyone bring a couple bottles of their favorite beer.  Introduce a friend to craft beer.  Go to a beer bar and buy a stranger a pint, whatever floats your boat.

Even if you can’t do all of these things, at least make sure to enjoy some craft beer this week (and every week).  Happy American Craft Beer Week!

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One Response to American Craft Beer Week

  1. Ascentive says:

    I had no idea it was craft beer week, Yards and Philadelphia Brewing Company are literally minutes away from my house. I’ll be checking them out. Cheers 🙂

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